What to buy a boyfriend for his birthday?At least what to get a really good boyfriend on that day

gifts for boyfriend on his b-day

Buyers guide for women shopping for cornhole boardsAll you need to know to pick right

The question comes up a lot What do I get my boyfriend for his birthday? The answer is simple enough, get him a cornhole board set. Why?

Guys love playing cornhole. Cornhole boards make a really unique gift that, if well constructed, will last as long as he can play on them. Giving some pants or a sweater just won't cut it. The cornhole game is something that he can kick back with his buddies and play for hours in the back yard or back alley. It is a great excuse to get your friends over and have a great time on practically no cash any night of the week.

Ok, so you have to get him a good one though. Luckly you are here and we make the absolute coolest boards. Ok, so the question remains, what do you look for in a good board. What is going to make him want to brag about this board and get him admiring comments from his friends. There are a few things.

sam adams and JD cornhole set
feed me corn toss set
My boyfriend looks at me and says "babe, best birthday present ever!" No joke, thanks - Kelly Dixon

A customized cornhole set featuring what is outlined above will get you one really happy BF. You just can't lose. Call us and we will work with you to make sure you get something you are really proud to give your man on his birthday, anniversary any other special day.

Shipping on time for the day is easy

We will make sure your boards come on time and in perfect condition. We ship only fedex.

Geometric and plain boards

Plain boards, boards finished with an elegant stain or varnish, or painted with a classic geometric pattern are a great way to get a quality board at a great price.

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Custom cornhole boards

Like we said, custom cornhole boards are what we are known for. This is what put us on the map. Own your very own.

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Custom cornhole bags

Custom cornhole bags of the highest quality. Embroider to make them even more personally yours.

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The works board

This is the ultimate board. It ain't cheap, but damn, it does not get any more tricked out than this.

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