Ready-To-Go Boardssometimes you don't want to customise. We have a number of set types ready to go at the click of a button


Multiple categoriesall good choices

Ready to go custom cornhole boards come in different categories. Plain, Stained, Clear Coated.

Plainjust quality construction with no finish

Plain boards are those pictured above. They feature no painting and no finishing. They are great for those that have, or think they have, artistic talent enough to paint their own custom boards. We give you top flight construction, you supply the inspiration and art!

Stainedhighlights the natural wood

From plain boards we move into finished boards. These boards are either varnished or stained. These finish types bring out the tone and personality of the wood we used. They look great. Finished boards are always coated with multiple coats of durable clear coat for protection.

My stained set came out better than I could have hoped. Really top notch guys, thanks. - Genie Wilmost

Clear Coatedclear coated natural look

These sets come with a clear coat to protect the wood. They have a simple natural look that will last because of the protection from the clear coat.

Geometricclassic cornhole board looks

The next finish type up is a two toned geometric set. You can choose from 3 designs:

  1. Landing strip
  2. Triangle
  3. Horizontal Cut

They all look great so you really can't lose. Triangle and horizontal cut pictured below.

Geometric and plain boards

Plain boards, boards finished with an elegant stain or varnish, or painted with a classic geometric pattern are a great way to get a quality board at a great price.

see 'em here

Custom cornhole boards

Like we said, custom cornhole boards are what we are known for. This is what put us on the map. Own your very own.

see 'em here

Custom cornhole bags

Custom cornhole bags of the highest quality. Embroider to make them even more personally yours.

see 'em here

The works board

This is the ultimate board. It ain't cheap, but damn, it does not get any more tricked out than this.

see 'em here