DIY cornhole boardsBuild your own custom cornhole board at home.


Video for the DIY GuyIn these videos we actually teach you some basics about how to make boards

Not everyone can afford a woodshop. Not everyone can afford a board by Chi-Town custom cornhole. So here we give a little bit of help.

Measurements and Tools

The new video series uses advanced construction techniques in a new easier to follow format. Good luck with your construction. NOTE - we are building the more popular tail-gate size in these videos - not the full size boards. Tail gate size are 2 x 3 while full size are 2 x 4. Adjust as required for full size.

Making the Cuts

This is the second video in our new series on building a custom cornhole board. More to follow soon!

How to build a cornhole board (4 part series)

Part 1 of 4

This is the first installment on our series about how to construct a cornhole board set.

Part 2 of 4

The second installment in our cornhole construction video series. Tom takes the DIY custom cornhole builder through detailed instructions on how to cut and add regulation spec side peicies.

Part 3 of 4

The third video in the series shows the custom cornhole board builder how to size, cut, and attach the front and back peices of the cornhole board.

Part 4 of 4

The fourth and final video in our series for the cornhole builder demostrates adding the drink holders and the finishing touches to the custom cornhole boards.