About our constructionhow a truly custom cornhole board is born.


Focused on Quality we love to have fun but at the end of the day it is all about the boards

Custom Cornhole Boards are an obsession for us. Our custom hand-painted designs will definitely give you a reason to brag! We focus on high quality construction, which means grade "A" quality wood and not raw construction grade wood which appears rigid, bowed, and not very smooth. We pride ourselves in providing you with unique features such as Drink Holders placed out of harms way, a Scoring Abacus, which will eliminate "that other guy" from fabricating the score, hidden bag storage, and conveniently placed handles. We have boards now with lights that can be placed around the hole for a design that allows for play in the dark! Our Cornhole Game Boards are guaranteed to last you a lifetime, and more importantly they play and look better than the "clone sets" that you will see elsewhere. We can ship anywhere! We've shipped to all 50 states and can ship to any American military base and deployment! Each set comes standard with eight bags of your color preference and 18 colors to choose from!!

Top notch woodworking we have our roots in carpentry and woodworking

All our Cornhole designs use solid 3/4 inch or 1/2 beautiful birch or high grade Pinewood boards. Each board is held together by 1 1/2 -2 inch nails and extremely powerful wood glue. BTW - the picture below gives you a nice shot of the drink holders we are famous for. Finally we sand down our boards until they are slightly rounded and smooth on all edges. It is also during this construction phase that we add other unique features to our boards such as score custom crafted score keepers.

You guys [Chi-Town cornhole] have the absolute slickest set of accessories I have ever seen. Thanks for a great board - Dave Kaminski

The final step in creating a really customized set is the finishing. It is at this point that we carefully apply either a high quality stained finish or a custom hand painted design. This is a major place where our custom cornhole designs stand out from the rest. For the boards that our artists hand paint the first step is laying down a coat of heavy duty primer. Then we add multiple layers of paint, some boards more, some less depending on the design. The goal and what we achieve is fantastic custom piece of art and a perfectly smooth feel and ideal texture. Our boards are not too rough, nor are they so slick that the bag slides too far, and they look good enough to hang in the living room.

Not everyone can afford a custom board and some folks just love to do things themselves. If you are interested in building your own cornhole board checkout out our DIY cornhole construction page.

Geometric and plain boards

Plain boards, boards finished with an elegant stain or varnish, or painted with a classic geometric pattern are a great way to get a quality board at a great price.

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Custom cornhole boards

Like we said, custom cornhole boards are what we are known for. This is what put us on the map. Own your very own.

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Custom cornhole bags

Custom cornhole bags of the highest quality. Embroider to make them even more personally yours.

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The works board

This is the ultimate board. It ain't cheap, but damn, it does not get any more tricked out than this.

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